We wanted to share this infographic on “Free WiFi” with you at the start of the year simply because we think that it shows the way forward for enterprises to provide pain-free and secure guest connectivity in 2013 – the Year of WiFi.

We think that the infographic illustrates that people want to connect to fast connection services wherever they are. This means that when a client comes to your company offices, they will want to find the fastest way to connect and communicate while they wait for a meeting or follow up immediately afterwards.

The same applies when a customer visits a company or brand showroom. They will have time before and after the sales engagement when they will appreciate a fast connection. And, currently, the only way to provide that effectively is through WiFi.

What’s more, the infographic shows the security pressure points on “free WiFi”, which can be easily addressed through a service that sits outside of the corporate net but is controlled by the company.

The value-added benefits of such a service have been described in some detail in our previous posts and we will continue to share the more relevant and useful information that gives enterprises the more salient view of guest WiFi in 2013.

Inofgraphic - free guest WiFi Connected Everywhere